FILMMAKER & The Dandelion King at the POV HACKATHON!!!

WE WON THE PARTICIPANT’S CHOICE AWARD AT POV HACKATHON!!! FILMMAKER CALLS THE DANDELION KING, “Complicated and Strange”!! Awesome and perfect!  Thanks so much! The Dandelion King is going digital comics!  Check out an intro page of the comic strip app;  This is of course an early test, but I’m excited about producing subtle animations […]

IT’S HERE!!! THE KICKSTARTER!!! FOR: The Graphic Novel: The Dandelion King: love & loss waiting in the gas line.

The Dandelion King: Love and Loss While Waiting in the Gasline, Chapters 1 & 2 are ready!  Here are some shots from the upcoming Kickstarter Project scheduled to begin at the end of September/beginning of October.  Super excited about how nice the cover is looking. “The Dandelion King” is a graphic novel […]

Man & Middle Class: The Work and Vision of Henry Strauss

Click on link to view this film on Vimeo;  Or scroll down to see embedded version. Man and the Middle Class: The Work and Vision of Henry Straus (2013)– In this film, Henry Strauss-now 95-in conversation with filmmaker, Heide Solbrig, narrates his experiences in the war and the depression and how these experiences inspired the […]

My Blue Waffle, on Float TV: “Partners in Sex Education has been providing comprehensive sexuality education since 2006.  The bring their programs, taught by skilled educators, to your classroom or facility with the goal of bringing a quality comprehensive sexuality education to your youth.  Their curricula are designed to involve families in the education of their children, and to support […]