Samples from DandelionKing: Chapter3!!

Chapter Three is a tough one. It speaks to the invisible and the violent. How do we live our lives around the silences of violence? What types unspeakable moments eat at us so that we can protect others? This chapter is about the first house my family lived in after the divorce, where I discovered Kimba the White Lion, Casear Chavez and red ants. It is also about rape. This has taken me a while because I’m not sure how to tell this story about a crime which I lived and to which I was an unwitting accomplice. I do know that ‘date rape’ was also discovered– though certainly not invented– in this era.

As with Chapters 1 & 2, this chapter also partners with the filmic ephemera of the age, as well as the technology of today. Films of Cesar Chavez, Kimba and Watergate inserted themselves in 1972, and soon, will insert themselves in the telling of it today. Stay tooned for the partner animations!!



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