What Have We Been Doing All Summer at WFYB?


Good question!  It’s been a flurry of activity, I’ll tell you!!!  So much I haven’t had too much time to keep up with the documentation, but here I am trying to keep all the faithful abreast, so to speak. Well, first we have had a change of personnel because since my last post, Whatever Floats Your Boat Has entered into an awesome and so far really exciting project with the Boston Comics Roundtable.  WFYB now shares space with BCR and has become “BOSTON COMICS WORKSPACE” on the weekends. We have a speaker series, comic production workshops, and coming in September, CLASSES!!!   Every event has been well attended and a great time. We’re show casing artists, and thinking about creative practice and community. It’s so COOL!!!

Here are some links and pictures of events over the summer:

Coming Soon!!! L.J. Baptiste, this Sunday at the Workspace:


Just last night, Caroline Hu put together an awesome night of CONSTRAINED COMICS. She describes these as: Constrained comics are comics drawn according to set rules and limits. This may seem counterproductive for creativity, but constraints can actually push you to try new approaches in your comics. For those of you with artist’s block, constraints can help you overcome indecisiveness and just get the ink flowing. Who knows, you may walk away with the first page of your next minicomic!


check out our hand work at:


Caroline organizes her groups ongoing work here:  http://your-drawing-sucks.tumblr.com/

Last week we had an excellent time at the Mini-Comics Workshop:

Check out more pictures!!


The next previous event, in this summer rewind (it’s all gone so quickly I can scarcely remember which came first) was Dan Mazur’s presentation of his comic book of a ‘big con’ at the turn  of the twentieth century. The Jernagan Solution is a lovely and fantastical account of corruption at the dawn of the Modern era. Dan spoke about his research and his character development, played some music and brought in original art work which we all got to admire up-close!



Also, Check-out Dan’s art and scholarship at: http://www.danmazurcomics.com/

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