First Chapters, and Encounters: The Dandelion King: love and loss in the gas line


The Dandelion King has not been neglected! I have been working hard, getting out Kickstarter prizes as well as figuring out the next steps to the project. ‘Encounters’ is getting really interesting– that’s the interactive ‘encounters’ app. which I have been working on with programmer, Amos Latteier. As you may remember, dear readers, Encounters won a POV Hackathon last Nov. (Filmmaker Magazine gave us a really nice review!!) and we have not been neglecting it’s ‘complicated and strange’ interactivity story.  Not only does the app. let people use their book like a viewing device (see above) it also has an interactive game app. We really wanted to see what it would be like to have a game which got readers of a graphic novel involved in game play which replicated a therapeutic interaction, but also led them back into the story–by virtue of its different environment giving a reader an opportunity to see small groups, like encounter groups as a kind of historically created ‘technology of the self’– It’s a big goal and we’re really excited about it. We’ve written a grant for Sundance’s StoryLab, New Frontiers and we are thinking of talking to game design companies as well!  Anyways, check out what we did with both the first books’ multi-media possibilities and the encounter app.:

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