Oral Sex Aficionado: New Sex Myths gets written up in The New Yorker.

photo 3

Great news!  Megara Bell and Brian Flaherty, of Partner’s in Sex Education ( http://partnersinsexeducation.org/ ) went to New Jersey and presented “The Oral Sex Aficionado” at the National Sex Education Conference as KEY NOTE Speakers. They showed our video, second in the sex myths series (Also check out– The Blue Waffle, debunking the internet ‘Blue Waffle disease’ myth) as well as performing their various sex myth experiments with the help of the whole sex educator cadre (shown above)– and they were SOOO awesome they got written up in The New Yorker.  The link is below, for both the magazine article and the video which we produced. The series is ongoing, the next in the series will look something like the picture posted above testing out the effectiveness of various lubes with latex condoms. Sex education rules!!!



Check out SexMythBusters #2: The Oral Sex Aficionado!




Also, don’t forget to check out SexMyth#1: My Blue Waffle!




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