FILMMAKER & The Dandelion King at the POV HACKATHON!!!


FILMMAKER CALLS THE DANDELION KING, “Complicated and Strange”!! Awesome and perfect!  Thanks so much!

The Dandelion King is going digital comics!  Check out an intro page of the comic strip app;  This is of course an early test, but I’m excited about producing subtle animations and motion graphics to go with the graphic novel, and animated shorts.  Check it out, feedback encouraged!  Plays much better in VIMEO: 


The app is designed using Kwik and Corona– and will include the videos, interviews, archival material and animations which accompany the graphic memoir.  I can’t help it, I’m a multi-media addict!  Complex stories intersect with complex histories and I find multiple mediums the best way to express this phenomenon.  Forgive the slow video for now– This is a screen grab of an IOS simulator, so the frame rate is wonky!  Hopefully, you get the idea. 🙂  More to come soon.

Also, the text is something of a mantra for the historical part of my story:

In 1969, my parents both left Michigan.

In opposite directions

Freedom meant something different to everyone in those days.


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