Float: a love story

(Note: The best way to watch ‘Float: a love story’ is through the vimeo link above.
Float: a love story
Directed by Heide Solbrig, 2003

“An insightful portrait of the director’s late boyfriend, a talented but troubled young man, by using much of his own words and images. Fond of memory yet always completely honest.”

CineVegas, 2003


  1. A sweet, sad and very personal story. There’s something touching about Adam so naïve and lost in an America of the 80’s and 90’s which is loosing it’s capacity to offer both the freedom to experiment and the promise of stability to it’s young people.

  2. Thanks, Claire! I was definitely thinking about the nature of freedom when I was making ‘Float’ as was Adam when he was skipping through his sometimes joyful, sometimes tragic, always inventive life.

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