Intersections in Comics: Trans, Non-Traditional and Autobiographical Comics!!!

The Boston Comics Workspace– with help from The Somerville Arts Council– is presenting a series of comic artists who will speak about their work, their process and the history of non-traditional comic representations. Come and see these amazing presenters in November and December. Constructing the Self w/ Whit Taylor Taylor’s work, whether autobio, fiction, or comics […]

Samples from DandelionKing: Chapter3!!

Chapter Three is a tough one. It speaks to the invisible and the violent. How do we live our lives around the silences of violence? What types unspeakable moments eat at us so that we can protect others? This chapter is about the first house my family lived in after the divorce, where I discovered Kimba the White Lion, […]

Hasbro at the Workspace!!

This summer we had a great workshop with the lovely artists and designers at Hasbro, Pawtucket. They wanted to develop comics to grow universes with their products, packaging and toy lines. Very fun to be working with creatives who were developing Transmedia.

Summer Classes!! WFYB Offers Comic Autobiography & Intro to Comics Creation!!

BOSTON COMICS WORKSPACE: Classes & Workshops: In June 2015 the Boston Comics Roundtable began a new project, in collaboration with Whatever Floats Your Boat Studios (media artist Heide Solbrig). Our new studio space, ‘The Boston Comics Workspace’ is located near Inman Square in Somerville’s Taza Chocolate Factory building on 561 Windsor Street, Studio 306A. In […]

First Chapters, and Encounters: The Dandelion King: love and loss in the gas line

  The Dandelion King has not been neglected! I have been working hard, getting out Kickstarter prizes as well as figuring out the next steps to the project. ‘Encounters’ is getting really interesting– that’s the interactive ‘encounters’ app. which I have been working on with programmer, Amos Latteier. As you may remember, dear readers, Encounters […]

What Have We Been Doing All Summer at WFYB?

Good question!  It’s been a flurry of activity, I’ll tell you!!!  So much I haven’t had too much time to keep up with the documentation, but here I am trying to keep all the faithful abreast, so to speak. Well, first we have had a change of personnel because since my last post, Whatever Floats […]

FILMMAKER & The Dandelion King at the POV HACKATHON!!!

WE WON THE PARTICIPANT’S CHOICE AWARD AT POV HACKATHON!!! FILMMAKER CALLS THE DANDELION KING, “Complicated and Strange”!! Awesome and perfect!  Thanks so much! The Dandelion King is going digital comics!  Check out an intro page of the comic strip app;  This is of course an early test, but I’m excited about producing subtle animations […]

IT’S HERE!!! THE KICKSTARTER!!! FOR: The Graphic Novel: The Dandelion King: love & loss waiting in the gas line.

The Dandelion King: Love and Loss While Waiting in the Gasline, Chapters 1 & 2 are ready!  Here are some shots from the upcoming Kickstarter Project scheduled to begin at the end of September/beginning of October.  Super excited about how nice the cover is looking. “The Dandelion King” is a graphic novel […]

Man & Middle Class: The Work and Vision of Henry Strauss

Click on link to view this film on Vimeo;  Or scroll down to see embedded version. Man and the Middle Class: The Work and Vision of Henry Straus (2013)– In this film, Henry Strauss-now 95-in conversation with filmmaker, Heide Solbrig, narrates his experiences in the war and the depression and how these experiences inspired the […]

My Blue Waffle, on Float TV: “Partners in Sex Education has been providing comprehensive sexuality education since 2006.  The bring their programs, taught by skilled educators, to your classroom or facility with the goal of bringing a quality comprehensive sexuality education to your youth.  Their curricula are designed to involve families in the education of their children, and to support […]

Float: a love story (Note: The best way to watch ‘Float: a love story’ is through the vimeo link above.   Float: a love story Directed by Heide Solbrig, 2003 “An insightful portrait of the director’s late boyfriend, a talented but troubled young man, by using much of his own words and images. Fond of memory yet always […]

Freedom on Film; Economic Education in the 1950’s-1970’s

This project is also discussed at this site: Education of a Neo-liberal: Paper Proposal, NCA 2013, “Freedom on Film”:  Neoliberal Economics and Media Narratives 1950-1980. The term “economic education” is often used to refer to non-theatrical films, management programs, flyers, pamphlets, and training systems produced in the post-war period by corporations trying to sell the […]

Dr. Erpi Finds His Voice:

Produced by Western Electric’s ERPI Division & directed by Lyle Goldman and Max Fleischer in 1929. In DR. ERPI FINDS HIS VOICE: ELECTRICAL RESEARCH PRODUCTS, INC. AND THE EDUCATIONAL FILM MARKET, 1927–1937, I begin with Finding His Voice (1929) (originally posted on in order to tell the story of ERPI, and Western Electric.  In […]