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FILMMAKER & The Dandelion King at the POV HACKATHON!!!

WE WON THE PARTICIPANT’S CHOICE AWARD AT POV HACKATHON!!! FILMMAKER CALLS THE DANDELION KING, “Complicated and Strange”!! Awesome and perfect!  Thanks so much! The Dandelion King is going digital comics!  Check out an intro page of the comic strip app;  This is of course […]

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Dr. Erpi Finds His Voice:

Produced by Western Electric’s ERPI Division & directed by Lyle Goldman and Max Fleischer in 1929. In DR. ERPI FINDS HIS VOICE: ELECTRICAL RESEARCH PRODUCTS, INC. AND THE EDUCATIONAL FILM MARKET, 1927–1937, I begin with Finding His Voice (1929) (originally posted on in order […]

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